Welcome! Paula and Dave welcomed little Thomas into the world on July 5, 2008! Of course, it's never too early to have your own domain name and website. So, here it is! Dave will keep it updated with photos from time to time until Thomas is old enough to do it himself :-). Click on each photo for a larger view.

Last update: July 23, 2008

(July 23, 2008) The Calm Before the Storm

Don't let his calm looks fool you--Thomas is a handful. As of yesterday (just over two weeks old), he can already flip over from his stomach to his back. Yikes!

(July 21, 2008) Peaceful Sleeping

Talk to the hand

I'm so cute.

Talk to the other hand.

The Thinker.

(July 18, 2008) First Walk

Thomas and Paula out for their first walk--up to the Women and Children First Bookstore and back.

(July 16, 2008) Blam! Boom! Crash!

Dave watching "Generation Kill" (a series about the Iraq war) while Thomas peacefully sleeps through all of the explosions on the TV.

(July 16, 2008) What happens in the womb...

... happens outside the womb. Just compare these pictures from the 20 week ultrasound and now. Check out those legs!

(July 14, 2008) Post Bop

Listening to Wayne Shorter in the bouncy-seat while Dave creates this web page.

(July 12, 2008) The Furrowed Brow

We're not sure what's going on in that head, but it can't be good. Hmmm.

(July 12, 2008) First Bath

Paula holding Thomas after getting his first bath.

(July 10, 2008) Thomas with his grandmother from Colorado

Ann holding Thomas.

(July 8, 2008) Thomas comes home

Thomas, Dave, and Paula returned home on July 8th. Here he is getting a little burping action from Dave.

(July 5, 2008) Thomas with his grandparents

Joe and Bea with Thomas in the recovery room later that afternoon.

(July 5, 2008) Thomas with Dave

Thomas with his dad just after delivery

(July 5, 2008) Thomas with Paula

Thomas with his mom just after her nearly 40 hours in labor and delivery. Yow!

(July 5, 2008) The New Arrival!

Here is Thomas just minutes after his delivery at 6:01am. With that arrival time, he must take after his dad.